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FLIR Guardsman-324 Pro 19mm Thermal Imaging Camera

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Price: $7,345.00
Part Number: Guardsman-324 Pro
Manufacturer: FLIR Security Infrared Cameras
Manufacturer Part No.: 431-0003-13-00

FLIR’s H-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras let security officers see clearly in total darkness, giving them the undeniable tactical
advantages they need to stay safe and operate effectively at night.
With true night vision finally affordable enough for every security team, officers will have the information they need to make decisions
quickly and accurately, enhancing mission effectiveness, maximizing operational capabilities, and improving officer safety.
H-Series is ideal for every security operation. Whether operating in an industrial site, nuclear facility, petro-chemical plant, office campus, or anywhere else, H-Series provides on-the-go thermal night vision to every security professional.

H-Series Handheld Thermal Camera (with choice of lens), Thermal Color Pallet, Hot Shoe Charging & Video Output Attachment, 4 Rechargeable AA Batteries, AC Power Adapter/Charger, Car Adapter/Charger, Neck Lanyard, Manual, USB Cable, Video Output Cable, plus Tactical Carrying Pouch, image save function, video save function with real-time stamp, USB2 port enabled

Features Include:

  • See intruders in total darkness. H-Series provides a 320 × 240 resolution VOx microbolometer for half the cost of comparable cameras, giving officers excellent, high-fidelity thermal imagery that provides the detail necessary for cutting-edge performance, as well as improved range performance in total darkness, even seeing through smoke, dust, and light fog.
  • See through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions. Because H-Series cameras see heat, not light, they’re not fooled by intruders wearing dark clothes and hiding in bushes. People can’t hide their heat, so they can’t hide from the H-Series.
  • See more – and see farther – than with other night vision technologies. Because H-Series thermal cameras see clearly without any light whatsoever, they can see farther at night than technologies that need ambient light to work; and they can see heat sources that these other cameras could never find.
  • Deploy with the latest technology at their fingertips. With a variety of lens options, on-board image and video capture capability, and optional wireless transmission all built in to the camera, H-Series is the most potent hand-held imaging package available today. And now it’s affordable enough for almost every facility.

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