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Mid-State Instruments is a representative and distributor for a wide range of companies. Some of the top manufacturers we represent include Flir Portable Infrared Cameras, Flir Fixed Infrared Cameras, FLIR Security Cameras ,FLIR Maritime Cameras, Extech Instruments, BW Technologies, RAE Systems, Honeywell, Ametek-Land, Exergen, CISCO, ACR Systems, Electrophysics, Electro-Sensors, UViRCO, GENTEC, Retrotec and SpectraSensors. Our clients are located throughout the United States and include professionals from the automation, medical, veterinary, petro-chemical, R&D, patrol/security, and preventative maintenance industries. MSI also works with a number of clients in the military, municipality and universities.

FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems Portable and Fixed
Infrared Cameras

FLIR Thermal Imaging For Security

FLIR Portable & Fixed
Security Cameras

FLIR Maritime

FLIR Maritime Infrared

BW Technologies by Honeywell

Portable Gas Detection Equipment
Single & Multigas

Extech Instruments: A FLIR Company

Test and Measurement Instruments


Fixed Toxic, Combustible, Flammable
& Portable Gas Detection


Continuous Emission
Monitoring Systems (CEMS),
Gas Analyzers & Data Acquisition

Land: An Ametek Company

Non-Contact Infrared

RAE Systems

Gas Detection Tubes
& Portable PID/VOC Detectors

Matheson Kitagawa

Gas Detection Tubes

Matheson Tri-Gas

Specialty Gas Regulators and Gauges


Industrial Speed Monitors,
Motor Control Solutions


Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

ACR Systems Inc.

Data Loggers:
Temperature, Humidity,
Electric Current, Pressure,
Process Signals, Pulse Frequency,
& Power Quality

Electrophysics: A sofradir Group Company

Night Vision Systems

Spectra Sensors

Laser Based
Process Instrumentation

Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd

Portable Gas Detection

Blower Doors and Door fan test equipment

Ultraviolet/Corona Detection Systems
MSI: Mid-State Instruments

Mid-State Instruments (MSI LLC.) is a manufacturers representative and stocking distributor of measurement and and control products. Our commitment to the needs of our customers is the highest priority. For the benefit of our customer, we continually research and train to maintain the highest level of knowledge in the products that we represent. We have over 20 years of experience and we aim to exceed the level of expected service to our customers.

Our professional team of sales engineers will customize solutions to meet the unique needs of each company we work with.

Phone: 866-451-2257 / 805-576-7625  Fax: 805-576-7629

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